The Middle East – Europe Forum

The Middle East – Europe Forum

From : Friday, October 19 2018
To : Sunday, October 21 2018

The Middle East – Europe Forum is an agenda of cross-border collaboration in research in support of a sustainable future. The forum is scheduled for October 19-21, 2018, in  Kish Island, IRAN, 

The events links two major regions, which share many common challenges while also marked by stark differences. Historically a bedrock for science and education but presently fragmented, the Middle East has a lot to gain from realizing genuine opportunities for mutually rewarding cross-border cooperation, within the region as well as with the European Union. 

The structure of the event further reflects the complex nature of the challenges undercutting sustainability in today’s world. The approach is interdisciplinary, encompassing natural processes and conditions as well as institutional and societal issues. Further, the emphasis is on transnational research, i.e. what enables progressing in research on terms that impact on real-world issues. On this basis, the event represents a unique opportunity for universities, researchers and key stakeholders in the two regions within a framework that is conducive to working out new initiatives and mechanisms for research collaboration in response to key challenges. Addressing sustainability in the years ahead will require a comprehensive approach spanning climate change, the management and restoration of ecosystems, resilient and dynamic cities, energy systems, securing food and water supplies, sound governance and the engagement of people in support of sustainable life-style and a circular economy. 

The strategic discussions at the Forum are prepared in the light of this overriding context, while a select set of specific research agendas will be subject to in-depth considerations in parallel and breakout sessions. In those, researchers will present ongoing projects as well as outstanding needs along with plans for new lines of research on substantive issues, with a particular view to openings for advancing cross-border collaboration. Here, three areas will be in focus; renewable energy, water, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and urban issues and solutions.

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