Travailler ensemble pour une « Université durable » (en anglais)

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Travailler ensemble pour une « Université durable » (en anglais)

L'Université de Göteborg souhaite devenir un leader européen en matière de développement durable, un objectif qui sera atteint avec l'aide des étudiants.

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Three years ago, the idea of taking the Green Office concept to the University of Gothenburg was born. The Green Office is an international model in which students become actively involved in the environmental and sustainability work by being hired by the University. The project is included in the University’s action plan for environmental issues and sustainable development. Student participation is one of the three core activities in the action plan, together with research and education. Last autumn, two persons, Anna Simmons and Tora Wilhelmsson, were hired part time (20 %) to work on the project, while combining full-time studies.

‘The green, or environmental, part of sustainability isn’t enough, so instead we call it the Students for Sustainability Office. This is an important difference, since we want to cover the whole concept of sustainability,’ says Simmons.

‘Many staff members and various groups at the University want to involve the students in the work but don’t know how to find them, and the students want to get involved but don't know who to contact. That’s where we can help,’ says Wilhelmsson.

The University of Gothenburg offers Sweden's widest range of courses in the field of environment and sustainable development, and environmental research is carried out in a large number of subject areas.

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Objectifs développement durable

Objectifs Développement Durable : Éducation de qualité
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