IAU is a partner in the MECCE project

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IAU is a partner in the MECCE project

The Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Education (MECCE) Project was launched with the first virtual meeting of the project partners in September 2020.

The Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Education (MECCE) Project

IAU is an organizational partner in the MECCE project, which aims to advance global climate action through improved quality and quantity of Climate Education. The project officially launched with the first meeting in September 2020 and IAU has been involved in the development and funding applications of this projects since the discussions started several years ago.
The MECCE Partnership team is steered by SEPN (Sustainability and Education Policy Network) and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and its Advisory Committee members include UNESCO, UNFCCC, the UNESCO GEM Report, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as includes several academic partners/universities and civil society partners. IAU has a key role in policy and knowledge brokerage, working closely with its partners such as UNESCO and bringing in its expertise on the topic and network of HEIs.

MECCE will support the building of a more educated and aware global citizenry to propel critical and much-needed climate change action and mitigation through three interrelated Axes of activities:

    Axis 1:

Case Studies will build a repository of case studies from around the world to generate novel understandings of quality climate change education via 4 Knowledge Syntheses Studies, 50-70 Country Cases/Profiles, and 30 Qualitative Case Studies.

    Axis 2:

Indicator Development will develop new monitoring indicators and datasets to support improved global climate change target-setting and monitoring by developing, validating, and refining datasets and indicator measures; collecting and analyzing global indicator data; and mobilizing indicators with in intergovernmental processes.

    Axis 3:

Knowledge Mobilization will impact intergovernmental and national policy makers, and education and communications audiences with MECCE’s research outputs via unique learning products such as Learning Institutes, a Digital Research Environment, and Targeted Communications; scholarly publications; a global Regional Hub Network; and global Student Lab Meetings.

More information on the project and partners here: https://sepn.ca/mecce/

Launch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c0JMSEMAYc&t=1s

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal : Quality education
Sustainable Development Goal : Climate action
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