Boston University

Boston University

Boston University (BU)
One Silber Way
Boston, MA 02215
United States (english)


Through faculty contributions across all disciplines such as: public policy, science, business, law, the humanities, and some of the nation’s preeminent environmental programs, Boston University prepares this generation to lead our society toward a more sustainable future.

  • integrate sustainability into the culture and structure of Boston University,
  • reduce its use of natural resources, operating costs,
  • improve environmental and social impacts.


Boston University’s Strategic Plan for Campus Sustainability is currently integrated into the University’s Strategic Plan in many areas. The point of departure for Boston University’s journey into the future is the set of ten “commitments” that were embraced through the University’s 2005–2007 strategic planning process. These commitments grow directly out of our traditions and our values. They reflect our strengths and our weaknesses. And—in general and aspirational ways—they point to tomorrow’s opportunities. Three of the ten commitments address sustainability. Here are some excerpts:



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