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Universitaet Vechta
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The University of Vechta offers a clear, forward-looking vision. It sees itself as offering a balanced mix of regional integration and international orientation. It was one of the first universities in Germany to actively face up to the challenges posed by the Bologna Process. Its bachelor’s degree courses are consistently designed to be interdisciplinary and vocationally oriented, permitting direct entry into the relevant profession or the pursuit of a further qualification through a master’s degree course. The University of Vechta has consciously chosen to focus on key issues for the future of society – education, aging, social and cultural change and the rural setting generate exciting research and teaching opportunities. Founded by the Duchy of Oldenburg in 1830 as a Catholic teacher training college for prospective state school teachers, today it is a modern university offering outstanding teaching, innovative research and an international outlook.

Sustainable Development at the University of Vechta.

The University of Vechta strives to integrate the concept of sustainable development into all its functional areas – research and teaching, administration and campus design. Against the background of current and future global challenges, such as climate change, waste and scarcity of resources, hunger and poverty, an endangered ecosystem, energy supply, globalisation, etc., the perspective of sustainable development is becoming increasingly important. Shaping the sustainable development of our (global) society is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 addressed the issue for the first time at a global political level. At that time, the global community agreed upon a strategy with Agenda 21 for implementing the concept of sustainable development.

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