CoDesignS ESD Framework

The CoDesignS ESD Framework provides an easy to implement pedagogic method for embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in curriculum design using a co-design and co-creation approach. The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit is based on UNESCO’s key competencies for sustainability (UNESCO, 2017), the recent ESD guidelines published in the UK by QAA and Advance HE (2021) and the original CoDesignS framework (Toro-Troconis et al., 2019; Lewis, 2020). The CoDesignS Toolkit takes the form of a set of cards and is freely available to download (see links below). 

The Framework identifies three pillars key to it's design, including:

  • Key Competencies for Sustainability that are relevant to all SDGs (UNESCO, 2017) and have been classified under: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Practicing and Ways of Being in the recent ESD guidelines published by the QAA and Advance HE (2021).
  • Specific Learning Objectives for the SDGs targeting the cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral domains to engage students in a transformative educational experience (Sipos et al., 2008; Cotton & Winter, 2010).
  • Transformative Pedagogies and Teaching Methods delivered online or in a blended learning fashion that support participation and collaboration, problem-orientation, inter and transdisciplinary and the linking of formal and informal learning (UNESCO, 2017).

More Information

Attached here is more information about the CoDesignS Toolkit, which can be downloaded for free using the link here

Latest update: 18.10.2023