The CultureForSDGs Toolkit was developed specifically to encourage cultural and heritage organizations in Canada to advance the SDGs. It offers information and tips for how to implement the SDGs into your organization and align your work with the SDGs framework.

The Toolkit has three purposes:

  • Providing a Road Map: it provides practical examples, ideas and tips that cultural organizations can use to align their work with the SDGs, including a road map to help them deepen their impact.
  • Raising Awareness: It encourages cultural organizations to continuously assess their own awareness of the SDGs and to stimulate creative and innovative ways to integrate and meet them.
  • Sharing Practices: The online repository  aims to identify and collect emerging practices in cultural and heritage organizations across Canada and share practices that integrate the SDGs.

Learn more about the CultureForSDGs TOOLKIT.

Download it here in English and in French.

Latest update: 25.09.2023