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EUSTEPs (Enhancing Universities’ Sustainability TEaching and Practices) is an ERASMUS + funded project designed to educate European university students and the wider academic community on the complexity of sustainability and its interdisciplinary nature in an engaging and captivating manner.

Launched in November 2019, the EUSTEPs project has come to a close as scheduled. Over the past three years, the partners who led this exciting adventure spared no effort and kept their passion for sustainability education unleashed as they strived to bring their vision to life. As promised, they delivered the EUSTEPs teaching module for various audiences and the related teaching materials for students and educators - already reaching more than 7,000 students around the world - as well as admin staff. Project partners shared their Guidelines for setting-up campus-wide, transdisciplinary sustainability courses in universities as well as the e-book on integrating sustainability teaching and learning in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). They also built and launched the “Sustainability and Ecological Footprint: From Theory to Practice” MOOC, the online course which about 200 students have already registered for. Last but not least, they spearheaded and guided the development of the University Footprint Calculator and its associated User Manual (both accessible here.) The report, with recommendations for universities on how to improve data collection and Footprint calculation procedure, and where to intervene to reduce their Ecological Footprint, will be made available online in due course.

The project is being carried out by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with the participation of University of Aveiro, Portugal, Universidade Aberta, Portugal, University of Siena, Italy, and the Global Footprint Network. 

EUSTEPs is a three-year project (2019-2022) funded by the ERASMUS+ program.

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Latest update: 05.10.2023