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First International Competition on Modern Bamboo Structure Building Design 2022

Under the strategic goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", vigorously promoting the research
and development and application of low-carbon biomass building materials such as bamboo and wood is
one of the key measures for the construction industry to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.

Bamboo is a fast-mature and renewable biomass material, and rich bamboo forest resources exist in many
parts of the world, particularly many developing countries. Significant research progress has been made
in recent two decades in developing bamboo based engineering materials and structures. In order to
reflect such research and industrial advancements, the "First International Competition on Modern
Bamboo Structure Building Design" is planned.

The purpose of this design competition is to enhance college students’ knowledge and understanding of
the architectural characteristics of engineered bamboo and modern bamboo structures, and encourage
their innovation motivation to use engineered bamboo for creative design.

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Deadline 15 January 2022

Latest update: 09.10.2023