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Law Graduate Program in Sustainable Development


The Law graduate program has several goals:

  • Contribute to the development of scientific research legal in Brazil, creating a suitable environment for research, analysis and propose viable solutions aimed at solving the problems identified;
  • Strengthen investigative activity in PUCPR;
  • Prepare young teachers for the full exercise of superior teaching, able to develop fully the scientific research in the country;
  • And especially in the doctoral program to prepare trainers and policy makers.

The graduate program of a professional should be able to question and think the current problems that the law must face, qualified to teach and develop scientific research autonomously in Higher Education Institutions in Brazil or abroad. You should be able to identify problems, develop and build prognostic investigations focused on overcoming the dichotomy between economic / social environment that pervades social relations, using the law as subject, object, or an analysis tool, always to contribute to the social and economic progress of the country and the Brazilian society.

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Law Graduate Program

Latest update: 31.10.2023