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Learning Innovation for Tomorrow - Programme for Education for Sustainability

Learning Innovation for Tomorrow is the University’s professional support programme to bring transformative, futures-oriented learning into the curriculum, co-curriculum and education support.

LIFT offers funding, tools and guidance for new curriculum and learning initiatives from academic or professional staff. It is led by the Sustainability Team, with support from the Academic Development Unit and RCE Severn, the University’s partnership platform in Education for Sustainability.


LIFT is grounded in principles associated with Education for Sustainability, to support new innovations in learning that will help our graduates become more than specialists trained in one discipline, but to think and act in a broader professional and societal context.

The underpinning pedagogical principles of LIFT and the projects it funds are:

  • Futures thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Critically reflective practice
  • Decolonised learning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Learner empowerment

LIFT projects are required to include an element of co-creation in their design, actively involving students in shaping the project focus and goals. They also deliver on underlying enhancement goals such as innovative assessment and feedback, e-learning, research-teaching transfer and employability.

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Latest update: 17.11.2023