SDG 4: Flexible learning pathways in higher education – from policy to practice: an international comparative analysis (2023)


This book presents the findings from the UNESCO IIEP research project on flexible learning pathways (FLPs) in higher education, including a cross-country analysis of available policies and practices, and how they enhance equitable higher education systems. It also presents a series of country experiences with innovative approaches to alternative entry, flexible progression, and governance systems in support of FLPs.

UNESCO's International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) is the only specialized organization with the mandate to support educational policy, planning and management, IIEP plays a unique role within the United Nations system. It was established in 1963 as an integral part of UNESCO. The Institute is fully aligned with the objectives of the organization and contributes to its education planning. It develops the capacities of education actors to plan and manage their systems through its programmes of training, technical cooperation, policy research and knowledge sharing. Learn more here.

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Latest update: 23.11.2023