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Siena International School on Sustainable Development - Applications open

The Siena International school on sustainable development is based in Italy and gives the opportunity to 250 candidates to attend a rich educational training on the multifaceted challenges and solutions for curbing GHG emissions in the sector of energy, agri-food and industry.

One of the key actions to contain emission is indeed to promote renewable source energy as a substitute to fossil fuel. Cutting the use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture while protecting the conservation of biodiversity is of crucial importance to reach the zeroing of GHG gases as well. Moreover, carbon today remain the main source for industries activities. Therefore, new strategies based on circular economy and industrial innovation are needed to be studied and implemented. However, it is only together that these solutions can be effective and lower down emissions. 

In the light of the above, The Siena International School of sustainable development aims at training students and researchers in the field of sustainable development to achieve zero net emissions. 

The candidates are admitted to the school according to the following criteria: 

  • academic and research sector: graduates from Masters and PhD programs, researchers at Universities, Research Centers and the private sector;
  • public administrations and policy makers: officers, administrators and managers interested in sustainability issues
  • private sector: officers, managers and researchers interested in sustainability issues;
  • school teachers: all levels of school;
  • international organizations: officers and managers interested in sustainability issues.

NOTE that the deadline for application is fixed for the 4 of march ! You can apply by sending your CV and LM.

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Latest update: 09.10.2023