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UNODC Report on Food Safety and Corruption in the Health Sector

The UNDOC, or United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, recently published a paper on the subject of corruption in the health sector titled "Something's Off - Corruption Risks Related to Food Safety and its Public Health Threats." This 74 page report provides a preliminary exploration of the corruption risks associated with the design, adoption, implementation and enforcement of food safety measures and food control systems throughout the food supply chain. It demonstrates that the risk of corruption exists at every stage of the supply chain, from farming to food retail and preparation. Corrupt practices, from the trading in influence by actors at the highest level seeking to secure measures that set their economic interests above public health interests, to the smallest bribe paid to a rural food inspector to incorrectly issue a food hygiene certificate, may be used to give the false impression to citizens that adequate food safety measures are in place and food control systems are fit-for-purpose.

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Latest update: 19.10.2023