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Beirut Arab University - SDG Actions and Social Impact

In 2020, Beirut Arab University, IAU HESD Cluster Lead for SDG 9, has been active in multiple ways to support local communities, foster social impact and engage its students and staff for the SDGs. 

Some examples for projects are: 

  1. Inclusive and Sustainable Cities: Municipalities Good Practices in Lebanon 
  2. MOST - School on "Youth Civic Engagement (YCE) and public policies for urban inclusive governance through cultural heritage" 
  3. Tarik Jdideh Urban Regeneration – Collaboration between Beirut Arab University and the Municipality of Beirut. 
  4. Youth-led rehabilitation efforts to support local communities affected by the Beirut blast. BAU in partnership with UNESCO, UNFPA, and UNODC Offices in Lebanon are working on developing children’s emotional attachment to the territory of Beirut Blast. 
  5. The involvement of the BAU’s incubator in achieving the University’s Social Responsibility 
  6. Our City Our Way ”Youth Project Encouraging to draw their dream city 
  7. 1st Place Family Urban

Set UNIDO X BDW competition For details and links to the projects, please click here for the pdf document.

Latest update: 02.11.2023