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Call for papers on Green Criminology at the University of Oslo

Dr. David R. Goyes ( a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oslo) aims at enlarging the global visibility of Southern knowledge regarding environmental conflicts, crimes and harms. Indeed, up to 2014, most academic publications in the field of green criminology (concerned with all environmental crimes including water and maritime ones) were authored by scholars from Europe, USA and Australia. Nevertheless, the call for the ‘southernizing’ of criminology and the appearance of a distinctive Southern green criminology shed light on the need to recognise the wide range of work on environmental crimes and harms engaged in by academics and activists in the global south and/or writing in languages other than English. Since then, David R. Goyes has worked in that sense, in cooperation with an international group of critical criminologists. 

So far, several successful projects have been developed in this process, including the publication of three books (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) and of three special issues (‘Voices from Africa’ ‘Voices from the Americas’, and ‘Voices from the Asia’). 

Therefore, this call seeks to attract original thinkers from the Global South who are creators and carriers of Southern epistemologies. If you are interested, please send an abstract of between 120 and 200 words as soon as possible to (latest 1 July 2021). Complete first drafts are due March 20, 2022. Word length is between 7.000 and 8.000 words. 

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Latest update: 27.10.2023