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Ebook: Re-Purposing Universities for Sustainable Human Progress

Frontiers in Sustainability Research Topic on ‘re-purposing universities’ has now been published on-line. An e-book is also freely available. The Research Topic consists of 24 varied papers and has involved 65 authors in total. 

This collection represents a major and very timely commentary on the role that higher education must assume in our times of multiple global crises - and on how this full response might be achieved.

The profound threat to the long-term wellbeing of society as a whole, both present and future generations, is arguably the most acute threat humanity has ever faced. But what is the culpability of Universities in allowing this systemic unsustainability to emerge? And how can this existential threat be dealt with if academic institutions are not firmly in the vanguard?

This Research Topic on the transformational role of academic institutions is aimed at breaking disciplinary silos and bridging theory and practice through purpose-driven organisations to make societies more sustainable.

Learn more and access the papers here: 

Latest update: 05.10.2023