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Environmental Report 2019/2020 of the University of Freiburg

In the Environmental Report 2019/2020 of the University of Freiburg, the greenhouse gas emissions from waste, water, procurement and the vehicle fleet are published for the first time. With the support of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources and several master's theses, it has now been possible to construct the first comprehensive carbon footprint. In 2021, the comprehensive study of the University of Freiburg's 2017 greenhouse gas balance , which spanned several years, has been published, taking into account various emission areas, such as all direct and indirect emissions, as well as other indirect emissions from procurement, business travel, food, and construction of new buildings. 

This work provided essential input and data for the university's carbon footprint published in the current Environmental Report.

The report is available in English and German here:

Latest update: 28.10.2023