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Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science (FAES) was established in 2001 in recognition of the significance of Agriculture to the national economy and the increasing need to manage the environment sustainably. Zimbabwe’s economy is agro-based with over 20 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) coming from Agriculture.  Mining, Forestry, Wildlife and Ecotourism also contribute significantly to the GDP. The heavy reliance of the Zimbabwean economy on agriculture and natural resources makes Environmental Science an important discipline for sustainable development.

Research in FAES addresses food security at various stages of the production value chain. Examples of research activities include rainwater harvesting for mitigating against droughts and the often devastating mid-season dry spells, sustainable agronomic practices under flood-recession cropping, crop protection, soil fertility management, animal nutrition, genetics (pigs) diseases).

Environmental research in the Faculty is broad due to the diversity of expertise of the members and includes occupational health and safety, waste management and the resultant chemical, physical and hydrological processes at varying temporal and spatial scales and their effect on surrounding communities and the environment. The research is geared to improve the human health and safety at the workplace and develop innovative methods for managing disturbed ecosystems. Other research clusters include climate change adaptation, wildlife and forest ecology and management, and restoration ecology. Three PhD and twelve MPhil students are currently enrolled in the Faculty and perform research often in collaboration with national government and non-government organizations.   

There are eight BSc. Honours degree Programmes that are taught in the Faculty namely Agricultural Science (Animal Science);  Agricultural Science (Crop Science); Agricultural Science (Education and Extension);  Agricultural Economics and Management; Safety, Health and Environmental Management; Wildlife Ecology and Managanent;  Natural Resources Management; and Environmental Science (Forestry). Currently FAES has one taught Master Programme namely Master of Science degree in Agroforestry.

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Latest update: 22.11.2023