Maritime Research & Consultation Center

The global economic schemes are witnessing a number of new and modern evolutions resulted in new concepts as well as new technological and operational applications affected the evolvement of transportation in general and the maritime transport in particular.

Accordingly, the different interested stakeholders in the maritime transport sector at a global scale are seeking to develop a strategical thrived master plan aiming at developing the entire maritime transport platform in addition to providing international logistic services to cope with developmental roadmaps of different countries around the world which seek to achieve sustainable development across different sectors.

Through its undeniable outstanding and ongoing role that it carried out all over the years the MRCC successfully set the different development plans and programs in consideration with the international trends to support the national development strategies, enhancing logistic activities, focusing on different aspects of sustainable development in the maritime transport ,as well as turning our seaports to proudly be "Green Ports" ,enjoying an environmental friendly business framework till they finally reach to the new generation in ports the "SMART PORTS" whether in Egypt or in the Arab region as well.

Moreover the MRCC as one of the main successful bodies of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport stands as the fast evolving pillar of applied researches that by their turn serve and benefit the Egyptian, Arabian and African maritime transport sector. MRCC had a great role in developing maritime sector since its establishment by 1984, through the accomplishment of more than 400 studies and projects in the technical, engineering, information technology, economic and managerial fields. All had led to enhance the Egyptian and quite few of the Arabian seaports compared to the global hub ports enjoying a proper market share that economically and geographically suite those countries.

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Latest update: 05.12.2023