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Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Studies Network (NVSSN)

The purpose of the first year developmental initiative is to create opportunities for dialogue about voluntary sector studies among diverse groups both on and off campus and to advance the implementation of both scholarly and practical programs. 

This initiative has been shaped by numerous one-on-one and group conversations and meetings since November 2013 when a “preliminary ideas” draft was circulated at Luther College at the University of Regina. During the 2014-2015 “seed” year, the initiative was led by a process facilitator who is an expert in the voluntary sector with the primary responsibility of creating opportunities for constructive dialogue and collective developmental work. 

Today, the National Volountary Sector Studies Network (NVSSN) benefits undergraduate students, professional in the voluntary and government sectors, and campus faculty and staff seeking new perspectives and teaching skills. 

Learn more about the NVSSN program at Luther College at the University of Regina

Latest update: 09.04.2024