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The City University of New York (CUNY) is this nation’s largest urban university with an educational footprint that spans 24 academic institutions and over half a million students, faculty and staff. Since 2007, Sustainable CUNY has led comprehensive federal solar initiatives designed to support large-scale solar energy market growth.  


Encourage the adoption of renewable energy by enabling America's largest urban solar market as well as the state of New York, through the removal of barriers that including technical, policy and lack of incentives, standardization or cohesion among agencies and utilities. 

Main Activities

Implementation of comprehensive plans in collaboration with over 40 Federal, State, City, Utility, Academic and Private Partners. A strategic platform utilizes 'human capital' and working groups to provide policy analysis, technical tools and market facilitation that focuses on reducing the 'soft costs' of installing solar. 

Innovative Aspects

Sustainable CUNY utilized a project-based, change-management approach to engage all stakeholders. The NYC Solar Map significantly raised public awareness, while the numerous reports and analytical tools provided policy makers with the data needed to support incentives, abatements and Empowerment Zones. Agencies, utilities, installers and industry leaders work together with Sustainable CUNY to transition to a more streamlined infrastructure that can continue to encourage the Solar Market and adapt to it's projected ramp up. 

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