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Sustainability Competencies

Sustainable Competencies (CDS) are voluntary based activities, achievable by all Ca' Foscari students and entitled of one extra-curriculum credit. In every Department has been designated a representative teacher to contact for defining the research theme. All the activities carried out by the student will be on a shared and approved theme by the representative teacher that will lead the student keeping in consideration the presented proposal and its general coherence.


  • stimulate the knowledge of sustainability, prominent and actual research theme, in all its aspects. 
  • widen the participants’ sustainability culture 

Main Activities

Activities may concern participating to conferences and workshops, bibliographic or scientific research, ground activities and so on. Activities can be individually or collectively developed, cross-Departments or not, and must end up with a paper or any other composition (e.g.: videos, articles et cetera) that could be evaluated by the representative.


Papers produced by students will be collected and published in a periodical digital review and will implement a dedicated archive on Sustainable Competencies accessible to everyone. A formal mention during the Graduation Day will be given to students that obtained the credit on CDS.

More Information

To learn more about this initiative, follow the link here

Latest update: 07.11.2023