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UN Global Pulse/Innovations Lab

In 2022, UN Global Pulse evolved from an initiative focused on data and artificial intelligence for crisis response to a wider role serving as the Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab. UN Global Pulse is now a worldwide network to advance responsible innovation in the UN’s work to protect people and the planet.  

With the world changing fast the UN Global Pulse will pioneer new methods to support the transformation of the UN through capabilities such as data, digital, innovation, foresight, and behavioral science. 

The repositioning of UN Global Pulse as an innovation lab required also its transformation with the Headquarters now downsizing to focus the impact on UN operations and communities on the ground. This shift allowed also for an expansion of the teams in Finland, Indonesia and Uganda to deepen collaboration in support of a forward-thinking and proactive UN 2.0.

2023 introduced a stronger UN Global Pulse foundation with renewed donor and partner support and a portfolio aligning with creating space for new projects and possibilities. This is accompanied by more networking, inclusion, and effective multilateralism for the people and the planet. 

For anyone interested in collaborating with the team or for any questions, please reach out at:

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Latest update: 26.09.2023