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IDEAS 2024 “The International Conference on Desalination, Environment And Sustainability”

The NYUAD Water Research Center and both the organizing and scientific committees, just orgaised The International Conference on Desalination Environment And Sustainability, IDEAS 2024.  This forum is dedicated to recent developments in membrane desalination, water treatment and re-use, environmental sustainability and related technologies.

Considered a water-stressed region, the UAE is rapidly changing its position from a water-scarce nation to world leader in water treatment and desalination.  Today, the UAE finds itself at the forefront of innovative water solutions as it tackles dwindling natural water reserves and ever-increasing urban development.  As part of addressing the water challenge, the UAE has diversified its water resources and has also built the world’s largest desalination plant.

The technological, economic and environmental impacts of desalination continue to pose a threat to the integrity of the environmentally extreme Arabian Gulf.  A themed session on the environment will allow attendees to better understand the interaction of climate change, technological development and environmental stressors.

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Latest update: 12.02.2024