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Launch webinar: The Africa-EU Summit – Main take-aways for the higher education sector

This virtual webinar series is being organised as an immediate follow-up to the EU Africa Summit (17-18 February, 2022). It is intended to provide an opportunity for the higher education sector in Africa and Europe to understand better the commitments made by the Summit, to debate specific topics and share initiatives that would contribute to reaching the goals set and to create opportunities in line with the Summit’s emphasis on higher education, skills and research.

It is organised collaboratively between AAU, the coordinator of the ‘Cluster’ for Higher Education of the African Union’s Continental Strategy for Education (CESA) and OBREAL Global, with support and input from important regional higher education associations in Africa and Europe. The series is open to all interested stakeholders of the higher education and research sector across the African continent, as well as EU counterparts and partners in other world regions with a keen interest in African higher education development and its global projection.

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Latest update: 06.10.2023