Spanish Universities for Agenda 2030 - CRUE documents

CRUE, the Spanish University Association, fosters the engagement of higher education with sustainability and Agenda 2030. Next to a specific commission that works on related topics (, CRUE engages its Members, conducts surveys and publishes reports such as: 

  1. Memoria de Acciones Crue en materia de Agenda 2030: this document includes all the activities and actions that Crue as a whole has developed in 2019. Find the document (in spanish) here.
  2. Propuesta de Acciones de sensibilización para la implementación de la Agenda 2030 e inquietudes de las universidades en relación con el cumplimiento de los ODS: this document has been developed by request of the Secretary of state for the Agenda 2030. Its provides an idea of what the Spanish Universities are able to do in order to raise awareness about Agenda 2030 and some proposals of Crue in this regards for the Secretary of state. 

Find the document (in spanish) here.

Latest update: 02.11.2023