Transforming Education for Sustainable Development : Engaging Youth in Universities and Beyond - Webinar

The North American EcoInnovation Network in partnership with the Columbia Climate School are excited to invite you to attend the first webinar in a six-part series titled “Forging Youth-Led Innovation for the SDGs”. To kick-start the discussions, this introductory event seeks to build on Mission 4.7 of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and bring together thought leaders across all sectors to discuss: 1) why transformative approaches to education are imperative to delivering the entrepreneurial capabilities, and 2) how they can be leveraged deepen youth engagement so to foster the type of entrepreneurial values, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to achieve the goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda.


Led by Won Jung Byun, UNESCO, Section of Education for Sustainable Development, Programme Specialist, this webinar will advance ESD as a UNESCO initiative by defining it within the broader context of post-secondary institutions as it is experienced today. Exploring both the challenges and opportunities of integrating ESD into post-secondary curricula, this webinar will discuss how transformative ESD approaches are being implemented in North America, what best practices look like on the ground-level, and why transformative ESD approaches are imperative to fostering youth leadership that has them thinking as entrepreneurs and acting as global citizens.  

Taking Place on June 12th at 2:00-3:00 pm EST, this webinar is an entry point to driving continued discussions that drives the transformation of learning environments, builds educational and educator capacity, and unlocks the full potential of youth to serve as leaders and innovators on climate action.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023