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UCR Laboratory for Climate System Observation (LOSiC)

The Laboratory of Observation of the Climate System (LOSiC) was created in 2019 by Dr. Ana María Durán Quesada and Dr. Marcial Garbanzo Salas in response to a space for Applied and Experimental Meteorology at the University of Costa Rica.
The history of this laboratory began because there was no space at the UCR for meteorology and experimental atmospheric physics, which would allow research and development in instrumentation and at the same time collaborate in this area with other units and institutions. In order to meet the needs and to have a space dedicated to the development of instrumentation and the use of advanced monitoring techniques, the following was created at the initiative of Dr. Ana María Durán and Dr. Marcial Garbanzo Salas, at the end of 2019 in the School of Forestry and Atmospheric Physics of the UCR.

LOSiC's mission is to positively impact the different areas of human endeavour related to the Climate System. Its researchers use innovative perspectives to observe the climate system in order to obtain valuable knowledge and information that has a direct impact on decision making and contributes to improving people's quality of life. The team of researchers at LOSiC aims to improve the way meteorology and atmospheric physics are used to improve the quality of life by keeping in mind the impact on the conditions of the climate system through observation.

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Latest update: 06.05.2024