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UNIFI Theses on Sustainable Development and Responsibility

UNIFI’s theses on sustainable development and responsibility are 12 in total and they have been divided under five different themes. In addition to the universities’ basic tasks (research, teaching and societal interaction), the theses cover (campus) activities and the preconditions for the universities’ operation more widely. The nature of the preconditions for operation is such that they create the framework for the other theses. Theses 1-11 have been intended as drivers of the activities especially for the universities themselves. Thesis 12, on the other hand, challenges universities to operate more sustainably and responsibly by focusing on the parties influencing them (e.g. providers of funding) and the national evaluation models. Examples of necessary, concrete measures have been compiled under each thesis. The lists of examples are not exhaustive. Instead, they introduce the key measures that universities must take without delay. It is likely that the universities will rely on their strengths and special features and implement the measures in a different order. This makes mutual encouragement and different profiles as pioneers possible. The effectiveness of the measures, transparency and the sharing of good practices openly are the key. 

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The UNFI Thesis webpage can be found here. The full pdf with the UNIFI theses can be accessed here.

Latest update: 27.11.2023