The 13th Global RCE Conference will be held in a hybrid format from 31 October - 2 November 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting will be jointly hosted by RCE Greater Gombak and RCE Greater Kuala Lumpur under the theme 'Whole Community Approach for ESD'.

Addressing the five Priority Action Areas of ESD for 2030, the conference will highlight the following sub-themes in the panel discussions: Transformative learning through Whole Community Approach, Partnership and global movement for Whole Community Approach, Capacity building for Whole Community Approach, Empowering Youth for Whole Community Approach and Sharing good practices of local actions on mainstreaming Whole Community Approach for ESD.

Promoting greater acceptance and participation of the community, the conference will serve as an opportunity for participants to collectively explore, share, and strengthen the knowledge, skills, and network to strengthen capacities and actions necessary to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 13th RCE Global Conference will begin with a Real World Lab (RWL) visit for experiential learning in Gombak. The main meetings will be held at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur, followed by sharing sessions and a closing event at Le Quadri Hotel (UCSI University), Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


Date/Time: 31 October - 2 November 2023

Location: Hybrid

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Latest update: 26.09.2023