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99 University Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
Ontario, Canada


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The Queen's College was established in October 1841 via a royal charter from Queen Victoria and today, Queen's University counts more than 31,000 students and over 150,000 alumni living worldwide.

Mission and Strategy

The Queen's University is aiming for the future by standing on a history of strength and unafraid to challenge the assumptions of the past. The university offers an exceptional student experience, attracts and cultivates excellence and leadership, and pushes the boundaries of knowledge through research—in service to an inclusive, diverse, and sustainable society. 

The Queen’s community is using the SDGs as a means of channeling a sense of social responsability to create a better future for people and the planet through its academic mission and its people will solve the world’s most significant and urgent challenges with their intellectual curiosity, passion to achieve, and commitment to collaborate.

Read more about Queen's Strategy: For the Future [www.queensu.ca/strategy

Download the Queen’s Strategy Report on Progress 2023 [www.queensu.ca/principal/sites/opvcwww/files/uploaded_files/strategy%20reports/QueensStrategyProgressReport-2023-09-FINAL.pdf]

Sustainable Development

The sustainable development plan of Queen's University aligns with their general strategy. In reflection of its UN commitment, Canada has asked every segment of society to contribute to advancing the SDGs, calling for leadership, engagement, accountability, and investment on all fronts.

The country’s post-secondary institutions are uniquely positioned to help accelerate this progress in all categories. More broadly, a concerted, strategic approach to advancing the SDGs aligns all participating universities in Canada and abroad toward a common vision. Queen's has also signed on to the University Global Coalition helping to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with higher education institutions around the world and which promotes the incorporation of the UN SDGs into the teaching, research, operations, and partnerships of higher education institutions through a commitment from institute leadership. 

Find out more about the university's role on the SDGs and its contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals [www.queensu.ca/social-impact] 

Queen’s has produced an annual report for the past three years that provides a snapshot of activity across the community, highlighting efforts to advance social impact and the SDGs. Download the Queen’s contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Advancing social impact: 2022-2023 report [www.queensu.ca/social-impact/sites/sdgwww/files/uploaded_files/Queen's_Contributions_to_the_UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals_2022-2023.pdf]

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