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About Responsible Futures

Responsible Futures is a whole-institution approach to embed holistic sustainability in student learning at educational institutions. It is a supported change programme and accreditation mark, delivered in partnership with students. Responsible Futures puts sustainability at the heart of education.

Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) and International Association of Universities (IAU), with seven invited institutions, launched an international pilot of the Responsible Futures programme. Together, the institutions and their students have worked to integrate sustainability into strategies and policies, embed sustainability across a broad range of disciplines, and center local/regional perspectives on sustainability. The seven pilot institutions co-created the programme including developing and international framework of good practice and structuring student-led audits to determine Responsible Futures accreditation.

Progress update for the International Pilot (April 2024)

Here are the key highlights of the Responsible Futures (RF) International programme thus far:
🔹 Development of the RF International Framework: Together with our pilot institutions, we've developed the RF International framework, comprising 51 criteria aimed at driving meaningful changes for ESD across institutions. This milestone underscores our commitment to catalyzing positive impact globally, in partnership with students at the forefront.
🔹 Shaping the RF Audits: Currently, we are planning and shaping the RF audits, a crucial phase in the programme. Pilot institutions are gearing up to undergo audits by August, marking a significant step towards accountability and progress.
🔹 Informative Events for Pilot Participants: We've hosted informal events, bringing together staff and students involved in the pilot. These gatherings serve as invaluable platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering collaboration among partners.
🔹 Focused Support Sessions: On March 14th, we conducted a support session focusing on student engagement and leadership with ESD. The session delved into how the framework supports student involvement, featuring insights from RF UK institutions like the University College of Estate Management and The Open University. Discussions also centered on leveraging the audit momentum to empower student auditors further.
🔹 Engagement with Prospective Institutions: We've held online information sessions for prospective institutions interested in joining the 2024/25 RF International cohort. It was heartening to have colleagues from esteemed institutions like The University of the West Indies and Murdoch University share their experiences in the pilot and inspiring future participants.

The official international programme will launch in October 2024, and we are pleased to welcome prospective institutions to explore how Responsible Futures can support integrating sustainability in learning at your institution.

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More information on the programme is available on our website.

Did you miss the information sessions on 12 &14 March? You can watch the recording here and get in touch with to receive more information.

Latest update: 10.04.2024