BAU-UNODC Project on Education in Lebanon: Organization of a workshop for children

Within the framework of “Youth-Led Rehabilitation Efforts to Support Local Communities Affected By the Beirut Blast" initiative, BAU in partnership with UNESCO, UNFPA and UNODC organized on the 18th of May a workshop targeting 30 children and in collaboration with NGO “Himaya Daeem Aataa”. 

This workshop took place in Karantina Park and aimed to develop children’s emotional attachment to the territory of Beirut Blast through activating their participation in the construction of cognitive maps by playing with spatial maps strategically designed in a game environment. The day started with an explanation of the content of the game board designed by BAU- the faculty of Architecture-Design & Built Environment. The children also explored the large-scale model of selected heritage buildings in Beirut. Then, each child created his own neighborhood using the materials of the game board including folded papers and landscape elements. 

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Latest update: 02.11.2023