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Initiative for Sustainable Development (HUISD)


Since its foundation in 1876, Hokkaido University (HU) has contributed to resolving issues concerning water, forests, food, infectious diseases, waste products, and global warming. Based on that experience, and in order to meet the increasing needs of international society, we created a strategy, known as the “Hokkaido University Initiative for Sustainable Development (HUISD).”


With 12 faculties and 18 graduate schools, HU is a core university in Japan, and recognizes its responsibility to contribute on an international scale so human beings can continue to develop sustainability. In order to solve common themes such as conservation of the global environment, HU set a goal to accelerate research and is striving to raise the quality of education, especially at the graduate level to nurture students who will play active roles in international society.

Main Activities

HU’s ESD is a comprehensive program involving all of HU, conscious of the international expansion. In cooperation with universities and research institutes overseas and international organizations, HU provides educational programs to fully utilize the latest research results in the educational fields in which HU specializes. The programs, which cover a multitude of educational fields, are intended for not only HU students, but also overseas students, specialists, people involved in education, and the general public.



Latest update: 31.10.2023