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University of Zürich and IAU Jointly Pilot a Professional Training Programme on Education for Sustainable Development

In October this year, the Sustainability Team at University of Zürich (Switzerland) pilot, in partnership with IAU, a one-year professional training programme on education for sustainable development (ESD) based on a blended learning approach: the hybrid combination of local interactive workshops and online learning opportunities providing room for intercultural and cross-institutional exchange. The programme aims to increase ESD capacity among educators and to support them in integrating sustainability practices into educational and institutional environments (priority action areas in the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD).

The programme entitled: “ELTT – Enabling Leadership for Transformational Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development” is to enable participants to increase the impact of their teaching and research on sustainable development. The eight concerted modules build upon each other and focus on the following topics:

1.     Setting the frame: from global programmes on ESD to local implementation in higher education

2.     Taking leadership for implementing transformative ESD

3.     Competences for ESD

4.     Methods for teaching ESD

5.     Learning through assessment

6.     Multi-stakeholder learning

7.     ICT for ESD and sustainability research

8.     Scaling up ESD practices and initiatives

ELTT hand-outs and ELTT online panels will be openly accessible.

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Latest update: 13.11.2023