University of Oslo

Universitetet i Oslo (UIO)

University of Oslo, 1440 Oslo, Norway


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University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a leading European university. As Norway’s oldest of its kind, UiO has been committed to excellence in education, research, science communication, and innovation since 1811. 

The university aims to promote independent, ground-breaking, long-term research, educate students with the knowledge, ability and willingness to create a better world, Strengthen the dialogue with the outside world and work to ensure that knowledge is put to use and Be an innovative organisation and an attractive place of work and study. 

Sustainability in the UiO

The UiO's ambitions for the climate and environmental strategy are to offer education related to climate, environment and sustainability for all students, strengthen interdisciplinary research within the fields of climate, environment and sustainability and reduce the climate footprint and further develop a «green campus»

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