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2022 EUA Annual Conference

University values: what, why and how?

In recent years, many countries have gone through a large-scale, societal reflection on democratic values. For universities, this development implies that particular attention must be paid to safeguarding values such as academic freedom, university autonomy and freedom of expression. In order to remain environments that are defined by openness, freedom of thought and enquiry, and scientific rigour, universities must embrace their societal responsibility, foster a culture of academic integrity and engage in partnerships that both further their strategic objectives and honour their principles and values.

The 2022 EUA Annual Conference will provide a platform to discuss which values shape the missions and strategic objectives of Europe’s universities and how these values help to guide their activities. Through plenary and breakout sessions of various formats, including audience participation, the conference will also provide insights into the measures universities can take to ensure that their values are understood and lived individually and collectively. Finally, the event will invite the audience to reflect on and share measures to uphold academic values even in a context of mounting external pressures.

The event will be of interest to institutional leaders (rectors, vice-rectors and heads of administration), higher education researchers and analysts, as well as representatives of other bodies involved in educational policy.

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