ACU Equitable Research Partnerships Toolkit

The ACU Equitable Research Partnerships Toolkit is a collection of practical resources to assist analysis and action for addressing equity in research partnerships. Supporting the establishment and advancement of fairer north-south and south-south research relationships was at the forefront during its creation. This was informed by substantial research, conducted with a range of ACU members from across the Commonwealth, as well as equitable research partnership stakeholders and experts. 

The toolkit looks to stimulate critical thinking and dialogue about what equity means, and what it might ‘look like’ in a research partnership, as well as suggesting practical actions that can be implemented to strengthen this. Each tool comes with specific guidance on why, when and how to use it. Every tool is designed to help establish or enhance equity within a research partnership.

Learn more about the ACU Equitable Research Partnerships Toolkit here

Latest update: 15.05.2024