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ARES MOOVE blog created to promote Sustainable Development projects

ARES promotes academic development cooperation through "MOOVE", a blog providing information on the projects it coordinates. The blog highlights the interventions carried out by teachers and researchers from their higher education establishments in 18 of the partner countries of Belgian cooperation. It includes many testimonies illustrating the contribution of academic communities in the North and South to the Sustainable Development Goals. MOOVE documents the interventions carried out by teachers and researchers from universities, colleges and art schools of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in 18 of the partner countries of Belgian cooperation. 

Through academic and scientific support, while respecting the uniqueness of partner institutions, these interventions respond to the issues and challenges of higher education and research, engines of development in these countries and around the world. Along with contextual information objectifying the projects in the 18 countries concerned and in Belgium, MOOVE offers multi-media content that reports on cooperation actions that contribute to strengthening training, research and partner institutions. These contents illustrate how quality higher education is the essential prerequisite for development and a major ally of sustainable and responsible socio-economic growth. They also highlight, through testimony and image, the results and impact of academic cooperation on the development of partner countries. Finally, they also underline the importance of making Belgian students aware of development issues and make academic expertise available to decision-makers to better take these subjects into account, while encouraging the influence of research. 

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Latest update: 04.01.2024