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Breast Research Australia (BRA) - Project on Women's health in sports by the University of Wollongong

Breast Research Australia (BRA) is an internationally innovative center of excellence, which is committed to providing coordinated evidence-based research, education, and commercial and clinical services to decrease breast-related discomfort and injury so all females can participate comfortably in activities of daily living, work and recreation.

Specifically, BRA aims to develop research, educational, commercial and clinical strategies to improve bra fit and bra design so that all females, irrespective of age, breast size, or disease status, are able to participate comfortably in physical activity and enjoy the health benefits associated with an active lifestyle.

The University of Wollongong is firmly committed to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Associate Professor McGhee’s project demonstrates UOW’s commitment to SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

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Latest update: 26.09.2023