Climate Action Plan - IUPUI

Indiana University has published its Climate Action Plan for 2023 by the Climate Action Planning Committee which researched and presented the results from topics which relate ti climate action such as greenhouse gasses, renewable energy, transportation, diversity, equity and inclusion and others.

The intention of the Indiana University Climate Action Plan (CAP) is to create a document that sets a pathway for decarbonization across all University campuses within the IU system. The plan itself is grounded in science, technology, and data, and is intended to answer the question, “How does IU lead on decarbonization efforts within the State of Indiana?” The report seeks to understand d the degree of influence and change that IU can exert in order to maximize its potential in decarbonization. The report looks at the confluence of changing policy drivers, the impact of extreme weather patterns, changes in infrastructure external and internal to its campuses, and financial mechanisms. In doing so, it defines IU’s carbon footprint, its goals for the future, and a pathway that lays out the changes that are needed to achieve decarbonization. The Climate Action Plan is exactly that - a strategy for adaptation and mitigation.

Find the Climate Action Plan here.

Latest update: 05.08.2023