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Climate x Health initiative 

In the lead up to COP28 and the first-ever Health Day on 3 December 2023, Wellcome Trust, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Climate & Health Alliance and Amref Health Africa have convened the Climate x Health initiative to help channel growing interest and engagement in the climate and health landscape toward meaningful joint action for people and planet.

Based on feedback from early consultations (April-June 2023), Climate x Health seeks to build on, complement, and amplify the ongoing efforts of longstanding climate and health actors by:

  • Expanding and diversifying participation in the climate x health movement
  • Developing a shared big picture narrative to align and inspire action
  • Offering forums and support to coordinate strategies and activities across the landscape, particularly as more organizations get involved
  • Elevating the work, perspectives, and calls to action of climate x health champions

Join the initiative to urge collective action to mitigate the worst impacts of the climate crisis, adapt systems and societies to safeguard health and wellbeing, and ensure the most affected communities have the resources they need. 

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Latest update: 20.11.2023