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Development of a new ressource page by the COPERNICUS Alliance

The COPERNICUS Alliance developed a new ressource page on their website, to allow visitors to have a better vision and understanding of what's happening for the Alliance. The page is composed of several kinds of ressource. There are information on the Virtual Higher Education Summit 2020 such as a Video Report or a Visual Summary of the event. Another part is dedicated to the COPERNICUS Alliance Online Conference 2019. 

A third section is focused on the Alliance's Webinars. The most recent Webinar on the page is entitled "Transforming Towards Sustainable Development". Finally, a last part is centered on the Alliance's publications. Posts like " Guidelines for Virtual Conferencing " or " Virtual conferences in higher education: Teasing out their transformative potential for sustainable development " appear on the page. 

Link to the page here :

Latest update: 31.10.2023