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ESD Institute at Rikkyo University (formerly ESDRC)

The ESD Research Institute conducts specific research and development of ESD education systems, educational planning, and human resources training systems for educators, and conducts practical research on ESD while strengthening domestic and international networks and industry-government-academia collaboration. The purpose is to contribute to the development of society by achieving the creation of "human resources development" and "community development" that will actually function.

Initiatives of the ESD Institute

  • Surveys and research related to ESD (including commissioned research, joint research, commissioned projects, joint projects, acceptance of researchers, etc. from outside institutions and organizations)
  • Development and implementation of ESD education programs and ESD instructor training programs
  • Promote mutual collaboration and personnel exchange with private organizations such as companies, administrative/local governments, research institutions, citizens, NGOs/NPOs, and other civic groups in domestic and international ESD activities.
  • Publication, dissemination and publication of research results

ESD is about helping people learn and develop the skills and ways of thinking necessary to realize a society where all people can live with peace of mind through sustainable development. Rikkyo University's ESD Research Institute approaches these issues from a humanities and social sciences perspective, focusing on "environmental education" and "development education," further strengthening its network in the Asia-Pacific region, and becoming a "hub" in this field. ” aims to fulfill its functions. Please refer to the old website for the activities of the ESD Research Center (2007-2011), the predecessor of this institute.


Latest update: 31.10.2023