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EUA Report - A Green Deal Roadmap for Universities

The wide-ranging ambitions of the European Green Deal provide a policy framework to integrate the scientific, educational, and institutional dimensions of universities’ contribution to the green transition.

This transition entails varying degrees of relevance and urgency for internal optimisation and external interventions, as well as different levels of involvement and coordination depending on the target groups. Many institutions are already reflecting and acting strategically on some or all of these issues, but not all are well positioned to act equally swiftly or in the same way.

Therefore, EUA’s Green Deal roadmap outlines processes and interventions which can boost universities’ impact and visibility in pursuing a climate-neutral, environmentally sustainable, and socially equitable Europe. The roadmap should serve as an inspiration and template for how universities can face the climate and environmental challenge over an extensive timeframe, enabling them to make both an effective contribution and serve as exemplars of sustainable communities.

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Latest update: 19.10.2023