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The Faculty of Engineering organised a Workshop on “Sustainable Construction Materials”

The Faculty of Engineering of the Sohar University organized its first “Sustainable Construction Materials” workshop on World Engineering Day, on March 4, 2024. The workshop assembled 45 participants, mostly civil engineers from Petroleum Development Oman, Sohar Municipality, students from from Sohar University and other HEIs. The participants had a chance to see the presentation of Dr. Mohsin Qureshi on the experimental findings on utilization of industrial by-products in various civil engineering applications, as well as presentations of Dr. Wadhah Tawfeeq on green concrete and presentation of Dr. Arshaf Javid about the new pavement design methodology-Superpave Asphalt Specifications. The participants of the workshop visited the research and material testing facilities at the Faculty of Engineering including concrete, pavement materials, construction materials and concrete 3D printer.

For more information on the workshop, please follow the link

Latest update: 12.07.2024