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future.learning! The Adaptive Learning Portal for Education for Sustainable Development

The future.learning! Learning Portal, provides information, educational materials and further education and training opportunities for ESD multipliers. Teachers and university lecturers are currently the focus of attention as multipliers in the offers of the learning platform. The modules and learning units offered in the e-learning area have uniform and standardized quality criteria, are prepared in a way that is appropriate for the addressee and designed to be adaptive. 

This platform thus makes a significant contribution to the fields of action, goals and measures to promote ESD that were adopted in the National Action Plan (NAP) ESD with the involvement of the federal and state governments. One of the central goals there is the training of ESD multipliers in various formal and non-formal educational contexts, as is the case with “zukunft. Learnen!” is the focus. In the e-learning area, the learning platform has a wide range of modules and learning units on various sustainability topics. In addition, there are also methodical and didactic further training options that explain how learning and teaching can be carried out in the sense of ESD.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023