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GoGreen Project: University Studies Environmental Psychology in Young People

A group of researchers at the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), a United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) member institution in Lithuania, started to explore what motivates or discourages people in that country from conserving the environment lauching the project: Go Green

The project  is dedicated to cutting-edge research on the mechanisms and determinants of pro-environmental behavior and proposes an innovative interventional approach to increase the engagement in pro-environmental behavior in young people. Specifically, we aim to promote pro-environmental behavior by developing, implementing, and testing an innovative intervention program for young people based on the data from a population-based household survey. Thus, the GOGREEN project will provide empirical evidence on a topic not previously investigated in the European context: how can individuals be encouraged to engage in pro-environmental actions, how long do the effect holds, does the timing of the intervention matter, and is the spillover effect prevalent?

Learn more about the project here!

Latest update: 05.10.2023