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Green Campus Initiative


A solar battery generator is built on the roof of the Engineering Hall as part of the effort to make the campus more eco-friendly. "Although the amount of electricity produced by the solar generator is not enough to meet the overall consumption of the building, it has an educational meaning to the students. Moreover, the use of renewable energy on campus is going to increase," adds Shin. 


Cultivate future leaders who are aware of current environmental problems, and therefore pursue a society based on sustainable development. In order to provide proper education to produce such environmentally-aware future leaders, Yonsei University offers courses like Life in Harmony with the Environment as part of its liberal arts education, and even more courses on the environment will be provided in the future.


  • the fences around the Main Gate are removed
  • a tree-planting project is in progress with the support by Seoul City
  • an automatic light switch system, which turns itself on and off by sensing the presence of people


Latest update: 31.10.2023